Books by Anil Menon

Beast With Nine Billion Feet

by Anil Menon

It is 2040 A.D. The place is Pune, India. The future is here and now.
Liquid computers. Flawless skin. Emotional cars. Illusion pods. It's a world full of tough questions and infinite possibilities. Why are Tara's new friends, Francis and Ria, so freaked out by the night sky? Is there strange and beautiful mother, Mandira, friend or foe? Where is their father? Is he a terrorist or genius? And what, exactly, is the beast with nine billion feet?
As Tara and Aditya soon find out, there are no simple answers. They find themselves on very different tracks, caught up in a deadly game-- a struggle for power and control, a fight for the genetic code to life itself. In the 'here and now' of Anil Menon's brilliant and disturbing debut novel, the future itself is at stake.

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