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A theme in science fiction just as much as it might be treated as a specialized subgenre (think Christian SF). Religion as a power force on mandkind has naturally been heavily explored by the science fiction genre. Religious science fiction tends to focus on how religion, either a made up one reflecting some or a combination of ideas from present religions or a straight out recognized religion, extrapolated into the future affects humanity. But religious science fiction is certainly not just limited to this use of "religion" in science fiction. It can be used to critique a religion in the form of a dystopia or ask deep questions about a religion when you take humanity out of the equation (alien regions).
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The Book Of Skulls

by Faye Dowling

Locus Science Fiction

Left Behind

by Jerry B. Jenkins

A straight out extrapolation of the world\'s \"end time events\" based directly on the popular christian interpretation of the Bible\'s Book of Revelations. Yes the antichrist, the devil, and all that.

Battlefield Earth

by L. Ron Hubbard

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THE science fiction BOOK that founded the basis of the entire Scientology religion. What could be more religious than that?
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I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, if you do not rank Dune, Hyperion, and Childhood's End, in that order as the best of the best you need to keep reading. They stand head and shoulders above the rest on this list. Behold The Man, A Year of Rice and Salt, seriously. Kim Stanley Robinson is a preachy, smug, and boring writer. I ask anyone to read all three of his Mars trilogy and then, be honest, NOT be glad when its over. Micheal Moorcock's book is a good entry, but when compared to my top three, it pales in comparison.

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