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Religious Science Fiction Books

Original List by Crowd: Religious Science Fiction Books

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A theme in science fiction just as much as it might be treated as a specialized subgenre (think Christian SF). Religion as a power force on mandkind h... more

Criteria: science fiction where religion plays a key part of the story, the setting, or the characters. Religious science fiction doesn't just feature religion in it, but the religion often drives the vehicle of the plot and story

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By: Anonymous
2014-11-26 03:35:09

I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, if you do not rank Dune, Hyperion, and Childhood's End, in that order as the best of the best you need to keep reading. They stand head and shoulders above the rest on this list. Behold The Man, A Year of Rice and Salt, seriously. Kim Stanley Robinson is a preachy, smug, and boring writer. I ask anyone to read all three of his Mars trilogy and then, be honest, NOT be glad when its over. Micheal Moorcock's book is a good entry, but when compared to my top three, it pales in comparison.