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Best Time Travel Books

Original List by Crowd: Best Time Travel Books

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A list of publicly ranked Time Travel Books

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By: Anonymous
2017-06-23 03:12:30

There's a new time travel novel that is based upon Confederate President Jefferson Davis bribing Virginia to join the South by placing a ton of gold in the Bank of The Commonwealth in Richmond just before the Civil War began. That ton of gold disappeared and there is not a single $20 or $10 CSA gold coin in existence today. The Last Time Machine has Jessica Rothman - CEO of Rothcor Inc. sending six mercenaries from the year 2020 to the early Spring of 1861 to steal and bury the gold - to then be dug up in 2020 after they returned with the location. But an Artillery Captain - Daniel Hilton - accidentally energizes their retrieval disc and is snatched from his campfire to the time machine chamber - not full of smoke. He stumbles from the chamber believing he is in hell, and is immediately hit by a taser. Now we have six mercenaries trapped in 1861 and Daniel trapped in 2020 - truly fish-out-of-water. Then the story gets complicated, and at one point, Jessica gives Daniel a terrible ultimatum. "Your ticket back to your wife and son is to first be one of my lovers." Abraham Lincoln is thrown right in the middle of the action as we discover where the gold went.

By: Anonymous

Yes - The Last Time Machine by Commander Roger L. Johnson - is well worth your time. At present it is available as an Amazon Kindle E-Book.

By: Anonymous
2017-03-07 08:38:28

This time travel goodie contains four of my favorite subjects: time travel, baseball, Irish-Americans, Mark Twain and other notable Americans of the 1870's. Loved the book and vivid descriptions of life in the late Nineteenth century