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Best Space Opera Books

Original List by Crowd: Best Space Opera Books

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Our pick of some of the top space opera science fiction books out there. Keep in mind that most space opera books come as a series. This is a public l... more

Criteria: Space Opera Books. If a series, use the first book to fill in for the entire series

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By: Anonymous
2014-10-17 04:22:49

Had to add a couple of titles by Grand Master Jack Vance. He was atypical, even denied writing science fiction at all, but his Gaean Reach books are space opera by any definition, and some of the most entertaining ever.

By: Anonymous
2014-07-28 02:33:36

Really liking the Liaden universe by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

By: Anonymous
2013-09-25 10:11:22

Quite a few of my favourites on here. How about Christopher Rowley's War for Eternity and Starhammer? Enjoyed those just as much as Consider Phlebas.