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Best Science Fiction Series

Original List by Crowd: Best Science Fiction Series

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The Crowd-Ranked version of The Best Science Fiction Series. Vote on the books an... more

Criteria: only science fiction books in a series. Submit by series name NOT individual books in a series

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By: Anonymous
2016-09-16 04:36:36

Several entries I would not consider to be Sci Fi. Mistborn is definitely in the Fantasy genre not sci fi, as is The Kingkiller Chronicles, and The Wheel of Time.

By: Anonymous

Also the Farseer is Fantasy

By: Anonymous
2016-06-24 02:27:13

Please combine the three "Rama" entries.

By: Anonymous
2014-05-08 04:55:42

Can you please combine the three different "Rama" entries on this list? Since its supposed to be about series. That will affect the overall rankings, I'm sure. Also, maybe correct the spelling of "Author C. Clarke" in your own list ;). Thanks for a great site, I refer people here all the time!

By: Anonymous
2014-01-30 05:18:49

My favorite. Read most of the list, this is most compelling.