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Best Hard Science Fiction Books

Original List by Crowd: Best Hard Science Fiction Books

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The public version of our Best Hard Science Fiction list (see URL below). Vote to rank the items and/or submit new books to the list. You can read mo... more

Criteria: Science Fiction that's Considered "Hard" -- highly technical or factual science with an attention to detail

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By: Anonymous
2018-10-20 11:31:00

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2018-10-16 11:03:29

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2018-10-06 02:35:17

One necessity for hard SF is procedural or purposeful: a story should attempt to be exact, coherent, valid and thorough in its utilization of current logical and specialized learning about which innovation, marvels,Pay for Essay Writing situations, and circumstances that are for all intents and purposes as well as hypothetically conceivable.

By: Anonymous
2018-10-04 10:46:12

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By: Anonymous
2014-07-02 06:19:06

any Charles Sheffield book could be on the list