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  1. J.K.A. Short

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    Dear all avid Sci-Fi Fans!

    I've just released a portfolio of adventure/action sci fi to test the market. Here is a mini blurb:

    This story collection features a host of characters just waiting to go on their own epic adventure. Join Zane Dekker as he travels across the future wastelands of Queensland. Go along for the ride as Dr Georg Shultzer uncovers ancient mythological ruins in South Africa. Be amazed by the daring duo, Monsieur August Garand and Mona K, as they explore the wildernesses of Eridu. Wonder at the literary modern retelling of a Frankenstein as Mikael Lavant creates life in the form of his human companion, Voltaire Crisper.

    If you're interested in checking out my stories, head to my website: jkashort.com
    On there you can opt to download the kindle version, or download a free sample.
    I'm also holding a Goodreads Book Giveaway which has already been requested 310 times,
    and added by over 100 unique users. If you wish to enter the draw to grab a print copy, please head here:
    Ideally, I'm hunting for people who are willing to review my book on Amazon in exchange for
    a free ARC.

    Hope to hear your feedback!

    Epic-ly yours,

  2. Boreas

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    Hi J.K.A. Short. Since your book is a collection of stories, is the free sample a full story or just an excerpt of one?
  3. J.K.A. Short

    J.K.A. Short Full Member

    Hi Boreas,

    Thanks for your interest! While there is a free sample on my website of Part I of my novella 'The Shadow of Protos Kallithea,' I am offering the whole book as an ARC for the next month for people who are willing to leave a review on Amazon. If you are not interested in reviewing the book, however, you can still head to jkashort and get the free sample there


    J.K.A. Short
  4. J.K.A. Short

    J.K.A. Short Full Member

    Hi BSFB Members,

    Just wanted to share a small bit of success on the writing journey. My Goodreads book giveaway has over 850 people requesting a copy and has been added by 230 unique users. Great way to boost visibility!! You can check out the stats for yourself here: https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/236630-wayfarer

    Good luck on your reading and writing journeys!

    J.K.A. Short
  5. J.K.A. Short

    J.K.A. Short Full Member

    Hi all fantastically read non-cybernetic organisms!

    Just wanted to promote my website again. But this time I am focusing on my film reviews. I mainly like to review sci fi films, but I am interested in books/music/art that fit the genre and others too. If you could share and like any posts you find well written/engaging. My most recent Sci Fi movie review was on The Dark Tower, an adaption of what Stephen King considers his magnum opus. Head here to check out my reviews: http://www.jkashort.com/pop-culture-news--articles

    Hasta la vista...baby!

    J.K.A. Short

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