Virus/Ransomware Lockup

Discussion in 'Comments/Feedback' started by kenubrion, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. kenubrion

    kenubrion Well-Known Member

    I'm still getting the virus/ransomware lockup. Seems it has slowed my performance. How is it that this cannot be fixed? I must say that the host that Ben uses has too many problems.
  2. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

  3. hrafnwasser

    hrafnwasser Well-Known Member

    I wonder if your web-browser was infected? On my PC, which runs Linux, I had same problem. Re-installed browser and all was well.
  4. Diziet Sma

    Diziet Sma Administrator Staff Member

    Hi, @btkong. I keep getting logged out repeatedly (literally seconds after having logged in) Is this a problem on my end?

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