trying to remember the name of a scifi first contact book

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    Ever read a scifi book ages ago and wish you could recall the name to see if more came out? Having that problem right now. I read a first contact scifi book a while back I loved. It was about a group on a spaceship who were trying out a new space travel technology that caused them to be pulled to a space station which houses multiple alien species.
    The protagonist was a purple haired lady who got a lot of help from a black bearded genetically enhanced man. The humans learn no other aliens can comprehend taking high gambles. There are aliens that worship a god like being and other aliens who use mind control to make others do what they want. The book ends with the lady going in a fight with one of the mind controlling aliens, beating the alien by doing a ritual which channels the god like being the other aliens worship.
    Anyway the cover showed a the purple haired lady in bright space armor fighting a alien dressed in a black robe and hood. If anyone has any clue what the name of this novel is please reply with it. Can't get over how I remember the cover, but not the novel name.

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