Time Travel with Me!

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    Blast back to 1962! Four years before the Five Year Mission, one year before the blue Police Box, when the Fantastic Four were on issue five.

    Galactic Journey is a portal to the past -- a window on sci-fi and the space race, comics and culture in that fascinating Mad Men world that set the stage for everything that came after. It is a time-shifted blog living the life of a fan 55 years in the past, day-by-day.

    If you like the smell of old science fiction magazines, if the classics of Heinlein, Henderson, and Harrison do it for you, if you thrill to the experience of sf flicks on celluloid, if The Twilight Zone is your bag (we won the Rod Serling Award last year!), if you just dig on that Space Age of Camelot, then put on your skinny ties and cocktail dresses, or just come as you are...and Time Travel with Me!

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