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    I've been travelling around the interwebs, looking for good places to spread the word about some great new science fiction that's hit the shelves. It's called "The Sword", and it's a doozy.

    From the blurb:

    "A dead AI haunts the net. Transhuman madmen battle tyrannical regimes. Elite military units turn into terrorists. A flying city is hurled into the sea.

    The Terran Provisional Authority rose from the ashes of the Collapse. It is the last, best hope for human survival. The men who rule it will go to any length, to ensure mankind's survival.

    They have failed, and the clock is running out.

    Ancient sins and modern technology collide, in this fast-paced, thinking-person's military scifi. Nothing is as it seems, as truth and lies collide on a dying Earth."


    This is a firm military science fiction novel, with strong characters, deep philosophical underpinnings, and slight deconstructive/reconstructive narrative elements. It also contains copious explosions.


    Mea Culpa:

    I wrote the darned thing.

    Now, before you start throwing stones at me, for wandering in here, with a stage-coach full of wares, and an overly-charming smile, I do want you to understand: I believe in this work, but I also know that I am, by my nature, biased.

    I would be honored if this community would take a gander, and share your thoughts.


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    Hi Joseph. Congrats on your new book. This is the appropriate place to post this information. We are fortunate to have many authors here, mostly on the fantasy side, and their books seem to get more promo when they are regular posters on other topics. Because far fewer members visit this site, you might want to find the right thread/forum on the parent site:
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    I'll do that!

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