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Discussion in 'Film & TV' started by Boreas, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Diziet Sma

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    Thanks! I will watch it.

    I haven't read the books either.

    I don't think she did. The way I understood it was Lena (Portland) was allowed to flee (by the way, which Lena??).
    In the final scene, Portland meets up with her husband and asks him "are you Kane?" and he replies "I don't think so" Beyond the fact she viewed the tape when he kills himself.
    However, what I found most revealing of the ending was the last frame when they embraced each other, and the feral look in their eyes is very promising...
  2. Boreas

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    I saw three films over the weekend:

    Conan the Barbarian (1982) by John Milius, which was so good!

    Conan the Destroyer (1984) by Max Fleischer, which was cheesy fun but very 'meh' compared to the first.

    And Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) by Rian Johnson, which I really did not like (but it was visually spectacular).

    The two Conan films are re-watches for me, but I had completely forgotten how good the first one is. Parts of it are positively operatic in the Wagnarian sense, and Basil Poledouris' score fully affirms that sensibility.

    Seconded. One of the really excellent contemporary SF films I've seen.
  3. Jim Johanson

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    I'm looking forward to this one for when it comes out on DVD.
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    I have watched it and have enjoyed it. All the laddish bickering was humorous in a perverse way...

    I went to see Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson. An intelligent story infused with contemporary Japanese pop culture. Recommended.
  5. Boreas

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    I re-watched Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy (the uncut, extended versions). Honestly, it exhausted me. The final film (The Return of the King) is four bloody hours long!
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  7. Boreas

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    Re-watched The Hunt for Red October (1990) by McTiernan on a whim yesterday, and I've got to say that this thriller/espionage film holds up well. Aside from attempted Russian speak by Sean Connery and Sam Neil, everyone plays their part very well, and the build-up, the's all very tautly wound. Even though Harrison Ford is my favourite iteration of Clancy's Jack Ryan character for the screen, Alec Baldwin does a good job, too.

    While I find some of McTiernan's other films fun (of the ones I've seen), my favourite by him is the 1999 re-make for The Thomas Crown Affair.
  8. Hermann Morr

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    Akira at cinema, for the 30th anniversary.
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    Not that good.

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