The Hill of Flies and Naked Corpses - New Short Story (Horror)

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    Hey Everyone,

    I have a new short story out. Free on Amazon through the 31st. Thanks again for letting me post here about it!

    The Hill of Flies and Naked Corpses


    Dylan has stumbled onto something eerie and terrifying in the woods. Scenes from the apocalypse litter the landscape, leading up to an ominous hill and the ritual invocation site of a mysterious group of cloaked fanatics.

    Scared off, Dylan may know well enough to leave the mystery alone, but his daughter, Jean, has other plans. Her curiosity gets the better of her. She finds herself wrapped up in an escalating predicament beyond her control when converging forces of darkness meet, threatening life and limb for all those involved.

    Meet the face of terror by venturing to The Hill of Flies and Naked Corpses!

    12,000 words, 41 pages.

    Please enjoy, and let me know if you have any constructive criticism.

    More of my collection available at
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