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Discussion in 'Film & TV' started by Boreas, May 6, 2015.

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    Has anybody seen BBC's The Fall? I watched the first season recently and thought it was bloody brilliant.

    It's a police procedural that takes place in Belfast where Chief Inspector Stella Gibson (played by Gillian Anderson) is called to take lead in the investigation of a murder that has the local department confounded. She is calm, competent, elegant and utterly self-confident. I always did like Gillian Anderson, but she has outdone herself in this show.

    If anyone has read Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space books or Peter F. Hamilton's Commonwealth duology, then Stella Gibson reminds me of the stoic nature of Ilia Volvoya and Paula Myo, respectively, esp. Paula Myo since both characters are police investigators with very similar character profiles.

    It is probably the most understated and polished start to a crime drama I have ever seen. The juxtaposition between the murderer's life & preparations for the next victim and Gibson's efforts in tracking him down are presented with consummate skill. Both are highly intelligent, obsessive compulsive creatures. Very impressive and highly recommended. The first season is 5 episodes and I haven't gotten around to watching the second season yet, but I will get to it this month.

    If you've seen it, what are your thoughts?
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    Is anybody else watching this? I just saw the third episode of the second season. Wow. It is a psychological tour de force, but in a very understated manner. Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson are freaking excellent. I rushed through the first season (5 episodes), but this time I'm savoring it by watching it every few days. It just took a turn that I didn't expect.

    The show doesn't rely on any clever narrative technique, there's no action, there's hardly any swearing or violence (except for the disturbing acts of murder themselves) or anything else that could be construed as special or's simple, solid storytelling but it's just done so, so well.
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    I finished the season two final which was a full feature length episode and it was a stunner. I'm frustrated to find out that season three is not out and I thought it was! Has no one watched this show? I'm mesmerised.

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