SF/F Reading in September 2018

Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by Boreas, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    I am currently reading Greg Bear's The Forge of God.
  2. Safari Bob

    Safari Bob Well-Known Member

    I got the yen so I am now rereading the Malazan Book of the Fallen series. I am now half way through House of Chains.
  3. Tiran

    Tiran Well-Known Member

    Just finished reading volume 3 of Appleseed and moved on to a re-read of Count Zero. I might just keep re-reading Gibson novels.
  4. kenubrion

    kenubrion Well-Known Member

    Two highly anticipated sci-fi novels dropped yesterday, Accidental War by Walter Jon Williams and Salvation by Peter Hamilton. War is the new book in Williams' Praxis/Dread Empire military space opera series which is the best of that genre that I have read. Like Glen Cook's new Black Company novel, it returns to a series that was considered complete a decade ago. Salvation begins a completely new universe and story line for Hamilton and involves colonization of the far flung regions of our galaxy. I'm reading War first.
  5. Safari Bob

    Safari Bob Well-Known Member

    I finished Toll the Hounds last night. One of my favorites.


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