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    I'm J.Grey and have just unleashed my latest novel on Amazon to a largely unsuspecting world. 'Serves' is a dark future sci-fi that introduces the two greatest heroes in the galaxy, Rob and Dave. Rob is a waiter who has ginger hair, Dave is an idiot who delivers towels and may have had a very serious head injury at some point (or points).
    They work together on a passenger ship, the Alliance Trade Authority star-ship 'Nebulous'. A murderer might or might not be aboard and a huge galactic conspiracy might (or might not) be happening all around them. Rob and Dave deal with all this by not really dealing with all this at all and just getting drunk and hoping it just all goes away.
    The story is very much inspired by the works of Douglas Adams, Issac Asimov (you'll be hard pressed to tell, I would think), Alan Moore and Grant Naylor.
    The book was inspired by the idea of doing a mundane task in a wonderfully adventurous setting. I have had the misfortune of working for a living as a young man in retail. I know the soul crushing boredom and the things people do to escape it, which was where this story comes from. It's written from an English perspective so it's deliberately casually offensive, focuses rather too heavily on toilets, has almost no political correctness and has weird sci-fi elements that will confuse the easily bewildered.
    What's even better is that this weekend, 16th and 17th of July (or whatever this is) this book is FREE. Free download on Amazon Kindle for the whole weekend. Get it this weekend and I guarantee is will be the funniest thing you ever read or your money back.

    You Have Been Warned

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    Oh, and the entire universe may, or may not be in the imagination of a sentient brick that's holding open a toilet door somewhere in Turkey.
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