Science Fiction & Fantasy Releases for 2018

Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by Boreas, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Boreas

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  2. Boreas

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    One release that I'm definitely looking forward to is Alastair Reynolds' new novel set in the Revelation Space milieu after more than a decade, Elysium Fire.

    U.K. cover / U.S. cover

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    The Soldier: Rise of the Jain by Neil Asher.
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    Thanks for this Boreas. I love browsing future releases. Adrian Tchaikovsky has a new one, Redemption's Blade, which I will preorder when it's available. New epic fantasy SERIES, yay. July 26.

    The Long Sunset, new Priscilla Hutchins novel from Jack McDevitt.

    Neal Asher's The Soldier. Oh yeah, new trilogy about the Jain.

    Hey, a new one by Greg Keyes (The great Briar King books)! Reign of the Departed, June 5.
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    My TBR list is long and scary as it is. I don't tend to follow new releases, as I would inevitably add new titles and spend even more money on books that should otherwise be spent on other pretty things...
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    2018 looks pretty thin to me, so I will use it as a catch-up year for my TBR list. Other years I've nearly gone broke from all the goodness out there. on-line vehicle of Locus Magazine, the trade pub for SFF authors--always has a good forthcoming books list that they update every four or five months.
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  9. Boreas

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    I would really like to read Semiosis but $14 for a 300-page debut? Absurd.

    Amazon will one day need to rent books.

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