SCI FI Novel for all readers 99p from publisher

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    Hey all, here is my SCI FI novel. It is about an invasion of NYC. Facebook and Amazon link below. Many thanks for support.

    S W Cheshire

    Girls, guns, and of course some very good friends. Bradley Harrison is your everyday teenager and can’t ask for much more out of high school life. He spends his senior year looking forward to college, scoping out good-looking women, and blowing off steam at the local gun range.

    However, a trip to the Big Apple is going to change his life forever. An alien species called the Armazoids, way ahead of our time lands in New York the night before and starts an invasion. Bradley has to guide a small group of people through an infected city.

    But what happens when the girl he loves, her best friend, another pupil he hates plus the teacher he despises are kidnapped by the invaders. How does he get them back to Earth? Can he help prevent another invasion in the close future? You tell me!

    99p / $1.28 from my publisher.

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