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Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by irrlicht, Aug 9, 2017.

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    I am not sure whether this fits better into Science Fiction or the TV board, but here we go.
    Anyone here have an interest in novelisations and expansions of popular TV Sci Fi franchises? Most of it is really trashy, but I find myself bizarrely attracted to it.
    When I was young, I actually read the Alien novelisation before I saw the movie, since my parents forbade me from seeing stuff that scary. I remember it to be pretty good (and scaring me off watching the movie for years), but that might be nostalgia.
    Similarly, the first English language novel I actually read was "Predator: Concrete Jungle" by... someone I forgot. Still, it's a pretty cool novel about a native American army guy encountering a predator in the Mojave desert and fighting it off while no one believes him.

    I used to have a mountain of Star Wars expanded universe books and practically devoured any additional materials to franchises I was into. Some of that stuff (like Aaron Allston's Star Wars books) were actually quite excellent.

    I want to read some more weird novelisations of popular SF movies and series again, so I'm looking for recommendations from our distinguished forum members now. Any experiences with the sometimes extremely weird directions people have taken franchises like that?
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    Actually, I have some interest in reading more film novelisations, especially a lot of the stuff Alan Dean Foster has written and most especially the novelisations of the Alien trilogy.

    I read pretty much all of the extended universe Star Wars novels that were published in the 1990's. Except for the X-Wing stories with Wedge Antilles. Never had much interest in those. All the SW books I read were post-Yavin stories except for Foster's original sequel to Star Wars that was Splinter of the Mind's Eye. I liked most of them, but the ones written by Timothy Zahn were the best. And my appreciation for Luke Skywalker as a character grew to the point of him becoming my favourite SW characters together with Mara Jade, the Emperor's Hand. And, of course, Admiral Thrawn. The baddest SW antagonist together with Grand Moff Tarkin and Lord Vader. I also liked the Bobba Fett trilogy that Jeter wrote.

    Another one that I remember loving was Orson Scott Card's novelisation of James Cameron's The Abyss. It was seriously good.

    There's a Firefly series tie-in called My Own Kind of Freedom that's written by the talented Steven Brust as a work of fan-fiction. It's available for free on the internet. Will have to get around to it sometime. But honestly, this one isn't a priority. I used to love Firefly, but the years - and the fandom - have eroded my affection for the series.
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    Funny enough, I consider the X-Wing novels the best of the bunch. I read huge portions of the EU as well, the Aaron Allston stories I mentioned are mainly a trilogy of X-Wing novels starting with Wraith Squadron. Seriously good, much much better than the Michael Stackpole run of the series.
    Other than that, Thrawn is probably the best character, though strangely enough I liked the Thrawn prequel Outbound Flight much more than the Thrawn trilogy. It's better paced, I feel. In the Thrawn books, I always hated it when the story shifts back to Joruus C'baoth and Luke Skywalker. Anything not-Thrawn just pales in comparison to the Thrawn scenes. Generally, I always preferred stories that do not feature movie protagonists, but spin off into something on its own, like the Jedi Academy books or the X-Wing ones. I also quite liked that trilogy about Han Solo's early life, I'm curious to see if anything from that will end up in the upcoming movie.

    I know that feeling about Firefly. I used to love it, but I even feel it doesn't hold up as well anymore. Might be because I've seen the episodes too many times. That book goes on my list, though! The Abyss' novelisation, too. I quite liked that movie.
  4. Boreas

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    The Thrawn scenes were by far the best in the Heir to the Empire trilogy, but I do remember liking Luke's development and Mara Jade's subconscious compulsion to kill him. I never got around to reading the other SW books Zahn wrote after 2000. I think I'll be picking them up soon now, thanks to you reminding me!

    I have two other novelisations by Foster lying around that I haven't read: The Thing and The Chronicles of Riddick. And in hindsight, I think it would probably have been more worthwhile for me to have read Foster's Star Wars: The Force Awakens instead of watching it. I think he just might have been able to to bring the story up to 'meh' level.
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    Thought of another possibility for you: Christopher Priest wrote the novelisation for Cronenberg's very good eXistenZ.

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