Sci-fi Conventions?

Discussion in 'Other Media' started by Safari Bob, May 30, 2017.

  1. Safari Bob

    Safari Bob Well-Known Member

    This weekend I went to Lubbock-Con. My wife and the kiddos really like sci-fi/fantasy cons (I don't care for crowds) and they especially love the cosplay and the artists. Even in these small cons, the cosplay can be hilarious (even if it is not always intended to be). Our favorite we dubbed "Fat Batman". But I digress.

    Do you folks enjoy these events? I did meet a Lubbock author with a sci-fi series. I bought the first one and hope to read it this week. What do you do if/when you attend? What is your favorite/least favorite aspect?
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  2. Diziet Sma

    Diziet Sma Administrator Staff Member

    I have never been to one. I don't think there are many organised over here: pretty quiet where I live, but I'd love to visit one, in particular, if I can wear my pink wig.
  3. Safari Bob

    Safari Bob Well-Known Member

    Oh, pink wigs would have to be welcome!

    The best two cosplayers I saw there were a fellow with a very convincing Crow and an startling realistic Arrow. I thought that the Arrow cosplayer was Arrow at first.
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  4. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    Never been to a science fiction convention.

    When I was a teenager and really into comics, I longed to go to a comics convention. I used to always look at the adverts or notices of conventions in Wizard magazine and wish that I had Uncle Scrooge change to just fly over to the U.S. to visit one where they seemed to happen all the time! I only ever managed to attend one comics convention by chance in Toronto during my early 30's. And it freaking exhausted me. I was excited, but when I got there it was so different compared to the impression I had from reading about them during my teenage years. Cosplay everywhere, crowded to the nth degree, so much noise. The only thing I was interested in was attending some of the talks being held, but one look at the line-up and I just thought *fuck it, no way am I going to go through all that*. I went away with about $200 worth of comics purchases (all trade paperbacks) that I actually got for quite a decent price, but overall I ended up being a little disillusioned - it all felt a lot more sterile than I had imagined. If I ever do go to a convention again, it's going to be purely for some of the talks. William Shatner was one of the guests I wanted to see in Toronto, but I guess I'm not fanatic enough to stand hours in line for him or anyone else I can think of.
  5. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    You should post some pictures of the cosplay if you have any.
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  6. Safari Bob

    Safari Bob Well-Known Member

    Oh! I should have taken pictures! The only pics I took were of the family.
  7. jo zebedee

    jo zebedee Well-Known Member

    I go to quite a few, funds allowing. Titancon in Belfast is my local and is great and Octocon in Dublin is fun too. I've been to the world fantasy con (most cover both genres) and Eastercon. I enjoy them - and am often on panels which is cool (meeting heroes!)

    Hopefully! In 2019 Worldcon will be in Dublin and Eurocon in Belfast if anyone fancies a trip to the Emerald Isle!
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  8. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    So they don't pay for your transportation even if you're a guest of the convention?
  9. jo zebedee

    jo zebedee Well-Known Member

    The sff conventions only pay special guests. Some of the bigger cons require you to join first before applying for a place - the smaller ones usually allow you free membership.

    I get paid a good rate for mainstream book festivals etc but have never had any payment for sff conventions. They simply don't have the funds to do so.

    Having said that my local arts council will fund the cost of my travel if I'm invited to the convention so that helps :)

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