Reading Resolution for 2017 (some of them)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by Diziet Sma, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. Diziet Sma

    Diziet Sma Administrator Staff Member

    I’m trying to organise my TBR list as I have realised I have bought far too many books recently not only in the Science Fiction department but also in Fantasy, Historical fiction, Crime/Noir fiction, Classics, Magical Realism and Psychology. The worrying thing is that I have forgotten I have even bought some of the books. This is scary!
    Since using Calibre (thanks @Boreas for the tip) I’m slightly more organised except for the fact, I’m a bit of a donkey regarding IT and somehow some books refuse to follow the carrot path from my amazon account to my Calibre library. I’ll get there, eventually.

    This is the list of SF books I already have and want to read between now and first part of 2017, in no particular order:
    1. Last Legend of Earth by A A Attanasio.
    2. Patternmaster Tetralogy by O Butler
    3. Endymion, D Simmons
    4. The Rise of Endymion, D Simmons.
    5. Excession, I Banks
    6. Surface Detail, I Banks
    7. Consider Phlebas, I Banks
    8. Her Smoke Rose Up Forever. Tiptree Jr James
    9. Abendau’s Heir, Zebedee, J (Love her name!)
    10. The Mark of Koban, S W Bennet
    11. Starfish, P Watts
    12. Foreigner, C J Cherryh
    13. The Atlantis Gene. A G Riddle (not sure about this one)
    14. Uplift trilogy, meaning to read only(perhaps) Starttide Rising by D Brin
    15. Gloriana; or, The Unfulfill'd Queen, M Moorcoock (is this SF or F?)
    16. *Edit* Luna: New Moon, Ian McDonald.

    I was also checking out some threads in this forum regarding A C Clark in particular Rendezvous with Rama and The City and the Stars. It feels I’m missing out on something special. Should I add these two tittles? Any obvious boo-boos in the list? Thanks
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  2. jo zebedee

    jo zebedee Well-Known Member

    That gave me a buzz, thank you. (I think everyone thinks the name is a pen name, but Zebedee is my maiden name and still the one I use. It seemed too good to waste. :D)

    Anyhow, what I'm looking forward to in 2017:

    Luna: Wolf moon, Ian McDonald. I read Luna: New Moon this year and enjoyed it a lot, and heard Ian reading an excerpt of this a few weeks ago, and it was ace. So, that's high on my list.
    The last of Chris Beckett's Eden books. I really love this series, and am looking forward to this one.
    I will probably get around to Becky Chambers sequel to A long way from a small, angry planet. I wasn't raving about it but I liked it enough to read the next.

    I'm also, finally, planning to get a kindle so hope to hit some e-stuff I've been planning to read for a while:

    Jodi Taylor's St Mary's series will be up first. These get such good reviews and sound right up my street.

    Oh and Rama is brilliant, I'd definitely reccommend it as an essential sf read.
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  3. TomTB

    TomTB Administrator Staff Member

    I'm banning myself from any resolutions next year, after spectacularly failing my 2016 resolution and almost putting myself off fantasy! So I'll just go with the flow next year I think, although I was toying with listing all 350+ of the books sat in my kindle into a thread over on BFB, and letting the forum members decide what I read for the year (subject to some get out clauses I imagine).
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  4. Diziet Sma

    Diziet Sma Administrator Staff Member

    Fantastic name! So phonetically clever. Do you know its origin? if you don't mind me asking...
  5. Diziet Sma

    Diziet Sma Administrator Staff Member

    I think being constantly exposed to recommendations has its danger: one tends to push oneself out of the conform zone and get carried away by others opinions, and sometimes it just doesn't work out. I join in the forum because, as a new SF reader, I was at a loss checking out the SF lists without any side reference.
    This year I have read books I wouldn't have read otherwise and I'm very happy about it. I'm profiling and understanding myself better as far as SF is concerned, and consequently discovering what I truly enjoy reading.
    I guess, in your case, as you have been a much longer time participating in the forums, you might have reached a saturation point. Time to to grab a glass of wine or two and refocus on yourself and on the reasons why a book makes you happy.;)
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  6. jo zebedee

    jo zebedee Well-Known Member

    It's biblical (two of the disciples are the sons of Zebedee) and probably became adopted in the Middle Ages in England - where my dad traced it back to - when people took the names of saints to imbue themselves with their qualities. A more fun claim states that it came to England with Joseph of Arithmathea and the Holy Grail. :)

    But most people now know it from the Magic Roundabout - before I published and started using my real name I was Springs on most forums. :)
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  7. Diziet Sma

    Diziet Sma Administrator Staff Member

    But of course! Over here is called Zebedeo, I should have realised it after spending a few years in a catholic school. Somehow Zebedeo doesn’t have the same ring as Zebeede. It sounds faaaar more exotic!

    I went into town today and when I left the bookstore I had in my hands Luna New Moon. Not sure how this happened… :rolleyes:
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  8. jo zebedee

    jo zebedee Well-Known Member

    Hopefully you will enjoy it. :) i found the number of names and characters daunting at first but come around chapter 5 that settled down into a great space epic with a huge cliffhanger ending. :)
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  9. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    I'm with @TomTB in that I'm not going to make any resolutions concerning specific titles. I did that for this year, and not only did I not read most of them, I hardly read much at all. A real low reading year for me.

    More generally and without any specific markers, I'd like to continue my relaxed exploration into crime and thriller fiction, finally get to reading some self-published SF, and read some long neglected authors like John Steinbeck, Robert A. Heinlein, Conrad Aiken and Virginia Woolf. Although, it's all a loose plan, and I'm going to keep myself flexible for derailments.
  10. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    I'm not sure about #13, either. I remember someone mentioning that it wasn't worth it. I've read #1-7 and #14-16 and those are all solid selections.

    Arthur C. Clarke is a great author to try out. He's very easy to read, the books are short, the chapters are usually very short so it feels like you're breezing through, and the concepts are wonderful. Clarke's heroes are usually rational, but you notice an overarching theme with many of his books that are almost mystical in nature. The City and the Stars is a good book to start with since it's not a 'hard SF' work which is what he is mostly known for. Redezvous with Rama is more of a 'hard SF' work and deals with scientific discovery, but it's by no means difficult to read. Clarke has always been very good in evoking a sense of wonder with the deep unknowns of the universe. And he does this with a simplicity in his writing that verges on elegance.
  11. Diziet Sma

    Diziet Sma Administrator Staff Member

    I have already bought Rendezvous with Rama.:)
    Your comment brings me very close to what Attanasio's HtGD made me feel. His style is so uncomplicated but rich, complex, captivating. He is so damn clever!

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