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    Hi Everybody!

    I've been writing sci-fi and horror fiction for a few years now. Just released this new story, Pollen, on Amazon for a free promotion. Today is the last day of the free promotion but hopefully I can run it again soon (it's only $2.99 normally). Thanks for letting me promote my book here, I hope you enjoy it!

    Here's a synopsis:

    Joren's allergies are kicking into high gear, but there's something very unusual in the pollen this year, and it's got the residents of a lakeside town acting very strangely. His wife Ashley has become obsessed with a new tree that's sprung up in their backyard, and her own behavior is becoming increasingly erratic, almost as if some mysterious force has taken hold of her.

    Uncover the sinister secret lurking among the trees by reading Pollen!

    Pollen is available on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Pollen-Jim-Johanson-ebook/dp/B077W2QWCW/

    More short stories and novels are available at http://JimJohanson.com

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