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    You might notice the site not loading pages and strange things going on for the next couple days (July 11-13, 2015).

    This is because, at long last, the brand new site design is going live. I've been working on this design for over a year now (like the sister site one over at and finally it's done and ready to go live.

    The new layout will have ALL the features the sister site has, such as ability to view and add similar book recommendations, the ability to view all books in a series, one click display of all crowd ranking information about each book (what books rank on what best lists, the number of reader votes, the number of awards a book has won, etc), and more.

    In addition, we are releasing a number of new lists over the next couple days.
    • Brand new, highly updated Top 25 Best Science Fiction Books list.
    • NEW Top 100 Best Science Fiction Books list
    • Best Literary Science Fiction Books
    • Best Books About Science Fiction
    Note, over the next week I'll also be importing/moving over the Science Fiction thread over at to the forums on

    This means the science fiction forum on will directly link to BestScienceFictionBooks. I'll try to have all the links 301 redirected over to the new forum, so any old links will just bring you to the other site.

    I'll be also migrating over the users.
    That means if you are a current member of, you will also be a member over at And, vice versa (I'm working on this system).

    The idea is that when you join one forum you join the other forum :)

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