New Lists on Main Site: New Top 25, Top 100 Science Fiction Books, and more

Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by btkong, Jan 9, 2016.

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    I've FINALLY started releasing the brand new lists on the main site.

    The Top 25 Best Fantasy Books list has been completely rewritten from start to finish by Paul, a guy who really really knows his science fiction. Paul wrote it completely while I helped with the introduction and along with Paul helped come up with (after a LOT of arguing and emails between us).

    It's a better list than the old list, far more rounded out, more females authors, and some new sections 'WHY IT MADE THE LIST' to explain why we placed each pick on the list and, for some of the entries, an 'ALTERNATIVE CHOICE' suggestion for that spot. These alternative choices are for those list positions where we felt there were a couple entries that could equally be placed there.

    The Top 25 has also been added to the new layout, which means it shows all the crowd ranking stuff, similar recommendations, and all that. Previously, the old Top 25 was on the old layout, unlike all the other lists.

    So check it out: NEW TOP 25 Best Science Fiction Books

    Over the next couple days, I'm also releasing the other lists:

    NEW Top 25 Best Science Fiction List

    Top 100 Science Fiction Books
    (continues from the Top 25 from 26 to 100 in the SAME format).

    Best Literary Science Fiction Books

    NEW Best Space Opera Books (a brand new list -- completely new -- that replaces our old Best Space Opera list). Since we have two space opera lists, I'll be combing them into one.

    Best Mars Science Fiction Books

    Best Science Fiction Books About Science Fiction

    I'll be putting back the original Top 25 Best Science Fiction Books as an 'The Alternative Top 25 Best Science Fiction List' so you guys can still read it for alternative suggestions.

    The BLOG has also FINALLY been updated to the new blog theme (it took me months and months) and I'll be migrating all the science fiction posts on the sister site over to this forum.


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    It looks great! :) There's a good mix of classic SF and modern / semi modern SF on there which I'm sure will have a lot of folk nodding in agreement.
  3. btkong

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    Yea, I think the new list is much improved...and the addition of the Top 100 list now helps round it all out.

    All new lists finally added now. The Space Opera list has also been completely revised and 20 or so new entries added.
  4. btkong

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