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    Hello fellow bibliophiles!

    I’ve just published **Infinite Eyes** [Book 3 in the Wanderers series]

    It’s a continuation of the story from Gil’s World (book 1) and Searching the Void (book 2).

    Genre is Sci-Fi – and more specifically, Hard Sci-Fi, Space Opera, Galactic Exploration.

    Infinite Eyes – description:

    When a powerful machine-lect reconnects with real space to gaze across the galaxy, it receives an unexpected message and decides to take action.

    The Maspero, an Ascended Biological civilisation extinct for sixty million years, may hold vital clues about the fabled Deliverer. The craft-lect is nearby, but there’s a problem. An internal attack has removed its control and left it isolated from the crew. This time, it’s not just angry, it’s vengeful – and just where do One-oh’s loyalties lie? While the ship’s occupants struggle in the aftermath of the attack, Gil is confronted by startling visions of the past, and the return of her sphere.

    Tor and DeVoid try to make sense of their uninvited guest as well as his bizarre request, before embarking on a journey neither would have thought possible. Apalu faces a difficult choice on its quest to the Lenbit Orbital in search of answers, while a terrible weapon lies in wait – little more than a distant memory from the dawn of the Wanderer civilisation.

    About me?

    James Murdo was born and raised in London, where he still lives. He graduated from university with a Masters degree in Physics, which added fuel to his early love of science fiction. Having avidly read and followed many inspiring authors throughout the years, he decided to embark on a literary journey of his own, with his Wanderers series, set in the Wanderer universe.

    By James Murdo

    Wanderers series:
    Gil's World (Book 1)
    Searching the Void (Book 2)
    Infinite Eyes (Book 3)

    Wanderers universe:
    Fractured Carapace (soon)


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