"Neuromancer" by W. Gibson

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    It is difficult to ignore talent when it slaps you in the face, and Gibson did manage a smart, remarkable and equally wild story.
    When I contextualise Neuromancer, written in 1984, along with the fact that Gibson didn't own a PC when he wrote it, I can only admire his tremendous vision.

    Case had been a smart data-thief in the business until some vindictive former employer crippled his nervous system. He is now being recruited and offered a last-chance run: the target is a powerful artificial intelligence.
    Teamed with a dead man and Molly, a street-samurai, they embark on a crazy adventure.

    I found Neuromancer to be a romantic thriller beyond the makeup of this dystopia and networked society. It is very well paced, ingeniously plotted, sometimes funny and often poetic.
    Neuromancer feels very much rooted in a bleak, unattractive reality. It doesn't feel to me like science fantasy at all, but rather like walking into one of those halls of mirrors found in a fairground: its reflection is as authentic as ugly.

    On a personal note, I need to add that I struggled with the jargon and idioms of the narrative: my bad. Perhaps I should have read a translated copy instead.
    And secondly, cyberpunk society doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Therefore, although I enjoyed Neuromancer, I'm not sure whether I will be delving into this genre much further.
    I already own a copy of Snow Crash, and I want to read it. After that, I shall decide how much cyberpunk is for me or not.
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    I finished it last night and I am surprised how many sci-fi staples, such as concepts like ICE and Matrix, originated in that work. I hope he expands on the idea of other AI/Matrices (especially from other stars) in subsequent novels.
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    Such a visionary! I came across this article a couple of days ago.

    5 Technologies from Neuromancer That Are Almost Here
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