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    Came across this list titled: The 57 Most Influential Album Covers. They're basically using album covers as a proxy for what they think are the 57 most influential music albums. And I can understand that...often the albums that you love or those that go on to be really significant are the covers that really stick with you whether the cover art is good or not.

    So, which music album covers do you really like?
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    This one.


    It was his final album, released posthumously, and seeing it has always brought back the sadness I felt when I saw it the first time, seeing him sat there, but knowing that this would be his final studio album. It was gut wrenching. But at the same time, experiencing the joy of hearing more of his outstanding music, a lot of which was laced with emotion and was clearly a pre-cursor to him doing what he did.

    Lots of feels, basically.
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    Love the album and also love the minimal aesthetic of the cover.
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    My first U2 Album.

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