Morning Star (Red Rising 3) by Pierce Brown

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  1. btkong

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    Finished Morning Star off last week. Absolutely loved it. Resounding conclusion to one of my favorite science fiction trilogies. It's certainly one of the best science fiction books / series that's come out this decade.

    While I don't feel the series does anything new, it's exciting to read, it's well written (almost poetic at times), the characters are strong (though sometimes stupid), and you are kept on your toes the whole way through.

    I'd rate Morning Star 9/10.

    Red Rising: 9.1 /10
    Golden Son: 7.5 / 10
    Morning Star: 9 / 10

    Overall, I'd give the series a 8.5 out of 10. Very, very readable and it's hard to put down.
  2. jon snow

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    Both Golden Son and Morning Star didn't reach the heights that were Red Rising to me, however, I thought Morning Star was a much better book than Golden Son. The twist at the end was good but only because of the build up of how stupid I thought Darrow and Co were. I also really doubt the end scene as well, but it fits in with the evil guys losing due to gloating.

    A couple of places I couldn't really imagine the scenes that were happening. One was the ice fight and the second was...did Jackal's hand explode when he fired at Darrow i.e. Dredd 3D...I do know that his left hand was staked to the ground. Says he has a stump? Did he lose it in a past book...I forget...

    I think an 8 is fair. Maybe a 9 for the series...Red Rising was just amazing.

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