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    I've been watching the first season of Mindhunter this weekend and just have the last episode to go. I'm even a little nervous about watching it for what I presume to be an internal fallout predicated on the new member's mailing the tape to the Office of Personal Responsibility.

    What an excellent show. Different from The Fall, but equal in quality. The Fall showcases, in a subdued and measured manner, a serial murderer's family life and activities juxtaposed with the investigative process of a special inspector called in to apprehend him. Mindhunter details instead the evolution of the FBI's fledgling "Behavioral Science Unit". Three individuals set out to create templates for the study and understanding of criminal psychopathy, which, when common patterns of behaviour and root causes for the psychopathy have been identified, can then be applied in the field to spot "stressors", personality types, and ultimately catch criminals. It's a study & analysis of general criminal thought processes, but for those specialising in violent sexual crime. A terrible topic, but the show makes for compulsive viewing. Absolutely top quality.

    Based on a real non-fiction work of criminal personality profiling. Some of the major criminals showcased are real-life individuals with dialogue based on transcripts of interviews that the original FBI agents conducted with said criminals.

    Who's seen it? And how do you find it?
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    I thought it was brilliant: Intelligent story, believable characters with an incisive, emotional and smart script. I loved the dynamics amongst the characters and how each related differently when dealing with the serial killers: from sheer horror to admiration.
    Now, @Boreas, you seem to enjoy psychological, noir series, how come you are not reading more of this genre?

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