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    Hi. I’m new here and came looking for assistance, please. I want to know if anyone knows the title of a book I read years ago by my plot synopsis. Obviously, I don’t remember the name of the author. If I did, then I wouldn’t require help. Just as a guess, I think the time period when it was published would be the mid-eighties to early nineties.

    The plot revolves around a man who some years earlier had been a prolific sperm donor, I think while in college. Unbeknownst to him, he has numerous children (now adolescents) scattered throughout the country and even the world. Even less guessed by him, his children turn out to be very special. They have extremely high intelligence and seemingly magnetic personalities engendered not by some vague sense of “charm,” but rather by some biological mutation, perhaps possessing a potent level of a kind of pheromone that gives them the ability to get other people, kids and adults, to bend to their will to a large extent. When one particularly bright and powerful (with this ability) boy pieces together the source of his power, he looks for and finds several of his previously unknown half-siblings and discovers that, at least thus far, his natural (to him) power is the strongest and that when he and his siblings combine power, their power over the will of others increases greatly. This boy becomes the leader and seems an intellectual genius as well. Their only weakness is that when they are sick with some significant illness, such as the flu, their power temporarily leaves them which renders them vulnerable to revenge by others whom they have controlled and who realize that there is something unnatural about the control they have over him or her. So they must be careful in such a circumstance.

    They find their common father and discover that his power is very limited, amounting to nothing more than having a minimal personal appeal to others, a certain charm. When the boy who is the leader of his children explains the situation, the father is mystified and eventually horrified. (I’m uncertain why the kids wanted to find their sperm donor father; perhaps in getting his help in finding more of them; finding out what sperm banks he had contributed to or to discover how powerful he was in their vein.) The father quickly senses that this power is dangerous to others and fears it will seduce his biological children into malevolence, especially as led by the boy who has become their leader, a cunning and ruthless boy.

    I could go on, but if no one has yet recognized the novel it is doubtful anyone will with added information. And conversely, if someone can supply me with the title, then there is no point spoiling it in the event one or more people would like to read it. Thanks for any assistance anyone can offer.
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    No worries, but I can't take credit. My google-fu was inadequate. I asked someone else, and he knew instantly. Welcome to the forum, by the way. And hope you'll stick around and tell us about all the books you're reading!
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    Thanks again to your friend and you. And I will. This seems like a great forum for SF and fantasy lovers!
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