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    I'm looking for my very first book I ever read. It was of course sci fi and written between 1950 and 1976 I'm guessing. The basic plot involves aliens sending ships to earth in the form of large rectangular black boxes that were truly thermodynamic black boxes, that is, absorbed all energy. Does anyone have a clue? I don't remember much more being 40 years ago when I was 6 years old. Thanks
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    Sorry, no clue. I did a cursory search and couldn't come up with anything. I'll ask some other people and hopefully someone will recognise the work.
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    Was this book also a movie? Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey features alien Monoliths that are perfect black bodies that absorb all radiation. But they aren't exactly "ships". The collaborative film and the book came out in 1968 or '69.
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