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Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by R-Hat, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. R-Hat

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    Hi everyone! I discovered this LitRPG genre thanks to a co-worker and got powerfully hooked.
    Is it sci-fi, you say? Well, it depends. Most of LitRPGs take place in a game, so it's usually a videogame, which presumes some level of sci-fi technology, such as virtual reality and AI. So it definitely counts as a softcore sci-fi. However the settings is usually a D&D-like fantasy. A technology sufficiently advanced... you know. Here's what I have read so far. No big losers yet, but I'm careful with what I pick for reading.

    Michael Chatfield - Emerilia 6 of 6
    85 % - really liked it! Good for starters in the genre. Lots of sci-fi elements and drama.

    Aleron Kong - The Land 6 of 6 books read
    99 % - love it!

    Michael Scott Earle - Lion's quest 3 of 3
    90 % - love it!

    Way of the Shaman 5 of 6
    90 % - love it!

    The Weirdest Noob 1 of 2
    80 % - parodies the Shaman and a few other litRPGs, but good reading :)

    NPCs 2 of 3
    80 % - this is the only pen & paper D&D LitRPG I've seen so far. Close to normal fantasy.

    Overlord Light Novel (anime adaptation)
    90 %

    Kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo! (Anime adaptation, 2 seasons so far)
    85 %

    Bathrobe Knight 1 of 4
    Too early to judge. Feels a lot like classical fantasy or drama.

    Slime Dungeon 3 of 3
    80 % - Great read, but lots of typos! First dungeon LitRPG I've read. The books feel like a really good amateur story. Lots of fun with ideas, but less realism and description of environment.

    Divine Dungeon 2 of 3
    90 % - love it! It is exactly the same sub-genre of a LitRPG as Slime Dungeon, the authors are friends actually. Much fewer typos than Slime Dungeon, more professional, I think. The main hero is also the dungeon spirit and his trusty dungeon wisp/fairy, eating adventurers and devouring their mana. The first book feels like a rip-off of SD, but you'll soon get over the beginnings.
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  2. TomTB

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    There's a list on the main site... @btkong is a big fan :)
  3. Boreas

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    Are there any good stand-alone LitRPG novels, or are all of them trilogies/series?

    @TomTB, do you have a link? I couldn't find it on the main page.
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  5. Kanly

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    Thanks for the recs and the link. I'll be checking some of these out. Have any of you read Ready Player One? There's supposed to be a movie coming out and I'm wondering if I should read it first.
  6. TomTB

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    It's ok .. a bit juvenile, but fun enough. His follow up book Armada is much better, it's just a shame no one in the known universe agrees with me.
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  7. Kanly

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    You're the only one who thinks his other book is better than Ready Player One? That doesn't sound encouraging man. Maybe I should just wait for the movie.
  8. TomTB

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    But you have to remember I have much better taste than everyone else, too, so perhaps it's not too discouraging ;)
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  9. R-Hat

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    They're all series, I like it that way. But if you want a stand-alone book, take up "Merchant Adventurer" by Patrick E. McLean. Technically it's fantasy, but imagine it like a bit unusual D&D session, poking fun at all the standardized hero roles. The only flaw I think is that the prominent eelpout fish in the book should be a burbot, since eelpouts live in the sea, not rivers. But burbot is also rarely called an eelpout :)
    Also, almost forgot to mention, Merchant Adventurer is an openly Libertarian / minarchist book. Emerilia series had some Atlas Shrugged vibe going, but MA is the entry drug for fantasy readers into ancap :)
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