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    I have already read Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson. Thanks again
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    That is really difficult to compile. I don't think I can even come up with ten, my memory is pretty spotty as it is. But there were some highlights I remember.

    1. Mark Brandis - Triton-Passage
    Literally the first book I ever read myself, and it was SF! Mark Brandis is an old German young adult Sci-Fi series from the sixties or so. It's not very scientific and sometimes doesn't make sense, but tackles a lot of social themes and its vision of a more or less united world are still nostalgic to me today. The first couple of books deal with Fascism in a fascinating way. Unfortunately I don't think they were ever translated into English. There is a Chinese translation of the first volume, though!
    2. Wolfgang Hohlbein - Märchenmond
    Guilty pleasure, not that great of a book. Fantasy journey of a young boy venturing into a realm of wonder. And he's 13 years old, just like I was at the time! Has been translated into English as "Magic Moon", but well... It kicked off a fascination with Fantasy books that ended after two years or so, but influenced my sister's tastes for life.
    3. Dune
    The best Sci-Fi novel I have read. Some of the sequels, particularly Heretics of Dune, are almost as good. But not quite.
    4. The Lord of the Rings
    I remember having a really bad fever the Christmas I got this. Reading it for the first time, I fell asleep and actually dreamed of the story in a very visceral fever dream sort of way.
    5.-7. My dad's SF library
    This is a cop-out. I read a lot of old SF books my father collected, but since I was young (and they were in German), I neither remember their names, nor the authors very much.
    Highlights include:
    - 5 one book about a weird extraterrestial labyrinth on the moon, where the protagonist is teleported into, just to die many many times, to find out what's at the end of it. Realistic teleporting, creating duplicates of a person!
    - 6 A story about a generation ship that suffers a mutiny, returns after hundreds of years that somehow only meant a few months passed on earth, plunges into it and everyone inside is weird and out of proportion. Didn't make much sense. Was that A. E. Van Vogt?
    - 7 Another one was called.. "The Needle" maybe? It's about an alien symbiont crashing to earth and settling in the body of a young boy living on some island with a coral reef. It's about their friendship and finding the other symbiont who lives in someone else on the island. Good stuff.
    8. This one I actually found again! Marion Zimmer Bradley's Hunters of the Red Moon. Great adventure book! I love her old stuff.

    Well, as for anything else, there's a lot of stuff I've liked and not much of a way to categorise it in any way. I could list Larry Niven's entirety of Known Space (like the pre-ringworld stuff more, actually!), Iain Banks' Excession of course, Charles Stross' stuff, John Carter of Mars.. I just can't decide on anything. I've also read stuff outside of SF, but SF always has been that genre that really excited me above all else.
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