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  1. di4mebooks

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    So i have just went on a major 6 month binge of military space opera and alien contact/invasion books and i have run out of stuff to read.
    I am VERY peticular in what i like too read and have poured over tons and tons of lists and even looked at my favorite books on goodreads and looked for other people who gave 5 star reviews on my favorite books and looked at all there ratings on other books they read and i managed too mine quite a few good series from their lists but have now run out.

    My style of books i like for example are ones that have earth as the unsuspecting primitive planet that gets invaded by impossibly advanced anti life aliens or expanding empires and we get nuked or annhialated some how and have too come back from the brink of extinction and fight for our species too survive
    or Earth is already out amongst the stars with no alien contact and run into something horrible and have too fight a giant galactic battle to survive. I love these kinda books. And also they always have to be at least 3 book series.

    I really dont like books from before the internet age or the ones that are top of every list i never seem to like thats why im posting here. "Fire upon the deep and hyperion the exeption"

    My book series that i just read i will list the top ones i liked so you get a idea of what im looking for

    Raymond Weil "favorite author" Slaver wars series & Galactic empire series
    B.V. Larson Star force series & Lost colonies was decent
    Ryk Brown Frontiers Saga series
    Vaughn Heppner Extinction wars series & Lost Starship series
    T.R. Harris The human chronicles "awsome"
    Richard Fox Ember wars series
    John Ringo " BUT he never seems too finish anything"
    Joshua Dalzelle Black fleet trilogy
    John Scalzi Old mans war series

    Now here are some of the books i might try and read or never could get into first book in the series and ones i have on my list
    Stephen Bennet Koban series , Doug Dandridge Exodus Empires at war series , In her name series by Micheal Hicks , Mark kloos frontlines series , Chris Fox Void wraith trilogy , S.H. Jucha Silver Ships series ,
    G.P. Hudson Sol shall rise series , Evan Currie Odyesse one series , Nick Webb Legacy fleet trilogy
    I was gonna check out the Jack Campbell Lost Fleet stuff but there is no aliens lol

    So any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated! Here is a link too my goodread read section and you can see my too read section also
  2. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    Hi @di4mebooks.

    Since you've read a lot of self-published titles, one that I've come across is Christopher Nuttall's Royal Ark series which I think ticks all of your boxes. Humanity's spread across a few systems and it's almost like a new colonial era, where current nation states like the UK, France, Russia, USA, China, etc., have claim to their own systems or planets with their respective colonies. Some of the colonies are attacked and overwhelmed by aliens on the edges of humanity's sphere of influence. Task forces are set up through co-operation to investigate and confront these aliens, and only an extremely old, heavily-armoured British warcraft is able to survive and also inflict damage. The British navy takes point in this series. I've only read the first two books so far. It's very pulpy and soap opera-ish.

    Also, Hiroshi Sakurazaka's All You Need Is Kill is a great freaking read, but no space battles. There is alien tech rather than aliens. Takes place on Earth. And power armour! Who doesn't like power armour?

    You've read Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep, but what about A Deepness in the Sky? ADitS is much better!

    Scott Westerfeld's Succession duology. I see that aliens seem to be a big criterion for the books you're looking for, but I'll still recommend this story despite no aliens and it being two books since it is such an action-packed extravaganza. It's military sf/space opera that deals with conflict between two disparate groups of humanity spread out across the stars with fantastic tech. The Risen Empire followed by The Killing of Worlds.
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  3. TomTB

    TomTB Administrator Staff Member

    The Lost Fleet does have alien species in abundance, but they don't appear until later on in the series. I enjoyed the series, but there's a hell of a lot of space battles, so if you're not into that proceed with caution!
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  4. kenubrion

    kenubrion Well-Known Member

    Best sci-fi that you would like according to your have-read list (I really liked Ringo*, early Weber, Ryk Brown*, Michael Hicks, Weil, Scalzi):

    Koban*** and I see it on your list;

    SARA KING's Legend of Zero trilogy***** is absolutely great, all-aliens-all the-time, good ones and bad. Galaxy is run by a Congress of alien starfarers. humans the new kids and Earth forcibly brought into the Congress. Alien characters are the best I've ever read. Zero is one of the humans taken as a kid to train to fight for Congress. Can't put it down action.

    David Weber's In Fury Born, by far his best work ever;

    Dread Empire's Fall by Walter Jon Scott, best military space opera;

    Heris Serrano and Vatta series' by Elizabeth Moon, great military space opera starring chicks;

    Sten Series by Chris Bunch and Allan Cole, great military space opera;

    ARMOR-by John Steakly often mentioned as the best military sci-fi book ever written;

    Ender's War and sequel-What more is there to say? Orson Scott Card;

    Hardwired and Reap the Whirlwind by Walter Jon Williams-cyberpunk/military sci-fi;

    The Dragon Never Sleeps and Passage At Arms by Glen Cook;

    Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein;

    off the top of my head that's all I can think of, might post more later in a new post.
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  5. di4mebooks

    di4mebooks New Member

    Wow guys thanks for the responses so far!!

    @Boreas i already bought Christopher Nuttall's Royal Ark series and its sitting on my pc's kindle and im saving it as a last desperation lol. I just bought a series by Evan Currie called Odyesse one wich is so far good.
    The problem is i peel off a book a day sometimes cause self published books are usually shorter so the author can make more money.

    Do you guys think i will like the koban series with my criteria? also @kenubrion Dread Empire's Fall is on my too read list and so is SARA KING's Legend of Zero trilogy.

    I tend too like self published Amazon authors the best. Like raymond Weil and B.v. Larson and Vaugh Heppner are just amazing with a capital A.
    A series that was highly reccomended too me as a same exact formula of my criteria was a series callled
    " Empires at War" by Doug Dandridge and it looks as if it ticks all my boxes and i bought the first 2 books and apparently it gets super good by book 3 and 4 , but i just cant get into the first book. Im gonna try one more time too get into it.
    Also those Koban books are 1200 pages in my PC Kindle so hopefully it can grab my attention.
  6. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    I haven't read many self-published SF works yet, so I can't help you there (though I do have a fair number of them on my tbr).

    I've come across (but haven't read) some other series that I think meet some of your criteria.

    - Timothy Zahn's Blackcollar trilogy. Successful invasion of humanity by aliens and deals with human resistance including super soldiers and I think multiple planets, but I don't know if there are space battles. The only Zahn I've read are his Star Wars books, and they were really quite good if you're a fan.

    - E. E. Knight's Vampire Earth series. Again, successful invasion of humanity (on Earth) supposedly by vampire-like aliens and dealing with human resistance. I don't think this series has a space opera component (although @ecgordon should know, since I remember him mentioning he'd read these).

    - David Weber's Dahak or Fifth Imperium trilogy. I think this is supposed to be a good blend of military SF with space opera with an alien threat. I've read the first six instalments of Weber's Honor Harrington series, so I can confirm that he does outrageously fun and preposterous space battles. But HH has no aliens, just spread out humanity.

    - Now something that I have read: Michael Cobley's Humanity's Fire trilogy. This is more space opera than military SF, although there is human resistance against two kinds of threats - an authoritarian alien species with an empire who have forcefully taken over a human colony, and a greater, galactic threat against an old alien/AI hybrid that wants to convert everything into machine hybrids (sort of like the Borg, but smarter). So, there's plenty of conflict, including ground resistance and some space battles, but I consider it more of a space opera with minimal military SF tones to it rather than a more conspicuous blend of the military SF/space opera subgenres. It has a strong Star Wars flavour. Lots and lots and lots of freaking aliens. And multiple points-of-view (around 4-5).
  7. kenubrion

    kenubrion Well-Known Member

    Absolutely they fit your criteria. And with the number of indies you read, Kindle Unlimited at $9.99 a month would save you a LOT of money. And not just indies are in the program. I think most of what you've read is in the program as well as what you're planning to read. I've been on KU since the start, and it's great to just drop a book I've "bought" and not feel the waste of money. You seem to be a reading machine and this was designed for you.
  8. ecgordon

    ecgordon Well-Known Member

    No space opera element, the story starts several decades after the invasion and deals with the resistance against them. What it does have is well-written action scenes, and one of the best ever protagonists in David Valentine. As I said when I first brought it up, it has gone on way longer than he originally said. Was supposed to be six books, I stopped with the seventh, but there have been at least four more since then. I guess it's possible humanity has taken the fight to the alien homeworld, but I kinda doubt it, and even if so it probably would not involve space battles, since the invaders came to Earth through an inter-dimensional portal.

    I'm not the one to make recommendations in this category. I'm drawn more to character-driven stories rather than action. I did like Glen Cook's The Dragon Never Sleeps, but never read anything else of his. I've read the first two Old Man's War books, have the next two in the series, so one of these days I'll get back to that. The closest I've come to space opera lately is The Expanse series by James S. A. Corey and the Imperial Radch series by Ann Leckie, both of which have a few space battles, but that's not their main focus.
  9. kenubrion

    kenubrion Well-Known Member

    di4me, in case you're tracking this, go get Forging Zero NOW, it's free. If it's not the best sci-fi you've ever read, I'll buy the book back from you.
  10. jo zebedee

    jo zebedee Well-Known Member

    Military space opera is sort of (one of) my bags as both a writer and a reader (as well as blasting Earth with aliens). So, apart from my awesome books (my tongue is thoroughly in my cheek here, I hope that's obvious...) I'd mention these guys:

    Christopher Nuttall (upthread, too, I see), PP Corcoran, and Tim C Taylor are all great - they have an antho out called The Empire at War, on Amazon, and well worth a look at for a range of new military sf

    PJ Strebor's Uncommon Purpose gets good reviews. Also self published and very popular is Richard Fox's Ember war series.
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  11. btkong

    btkong Administrator Staff Member

    Here's are a few that come to mind:

    ARMOR - classic

    Starship Troopers -- classic

    Forever War -- classic

    The Lazarus War series -- fantastic modern military SF; kind of a combination of Starship Troopers meets aliens meets Aliens, but with a lot more grit, death, and far more character driven. Fantastic -- some of the best stuff to come out in a while.

    Ryk Brown Frontiers Saga series -- interesting concept; ultra long; however, I've been getting bored in his last few books

    Starforce by BV Larson -- pulpy military SF, but a massive series with a huge sense of scale. Starts out rough, but gets going. I've liked it enough to read through 12 books so far. Hero is a Gary Stu to the point of being ridiculous, but I guess that's part of the appeal.

    Undying Mercenaries by BV Larson -- pulpy military SF, but heavy focus on squad tactics. By far my favorite works by Larson, and despite some of the pulpy aspects, the 5 or so books out are good, exciting reads if you like the sort of last solider standing against unstoppable odds. Definitely a heroic tinge to it with the hero something of a Gary Stu.

    Poor Man's War series -- an interesting Military SF where everyone is saddled with fraudulent government debt; one washout is forced to join the military and finds he's got a knack for murdering pirates. Trust me -- one of the best military SF fictions reads to come out the past few years, and if you want good Military SF, read.

    Old Man's War series -- awesome military science fiction. Kind of feels like a modern update of some of the classics (starship troopers, etc).

    Frontline Series by Mark Kloss -- probably my FAVORITE military SF series right now. I relish each book, and they keep on getting better. If you choose one from this list, this would be it.

    Death's Head -- brutal action. Squad based battles, a super-powered hero, a futuristic world where humanity is at war with itself and antagonistic aliens. If you love vicious action, squad tactics, battles galore, and a noir atmosphere, read it.
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