I only know the beginning of the plot of this book

Discussion in 'Looking for a specific title? Ask here.' started by Dumitra Razvan Gabriel, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Hello, I don't know the name of the book or the author but I know the plot.
    It's about a man arriving on a new world where there it was already colonized by mankind, and arrives at his room and it is advised not to worry about the noise, but the people on this world have 2 personas depending on the time of a planeterry rotation (I believe that the planet has 2 suns but I might be wrong), and the protagonist remark's that these people don't lose time sleeping and use it to release negative emotion during the night and during the day they are very productive, then he sees a young girl going and kissing with older boys and other stuff ...... this is as much as I can remember, please if you can help me find the title

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