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Discussion in 'Featured Authors' started by Diziet Sma, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Diziet Sma

    Diziet Sma Administrator Staff Member

    After checking the list of featured authors, I would like to read this 2018 at least one book by each of them.

    Authors I have not read yet and books I have in mind:
    • William Gibson: No idea where to begin. Any suggestions?
    • Robert A. Heinlein: I have in mind and also on my kindle Stranger in a Strange Land.
    • Alastair Reynolds: I have been given Revelation Space trilogy although not in English; I feel reluctant about translations, but unless Reynolds' prose is outstanding it shouldn't matter too much.
    • Neal Stephenson: Snow Crash.
  2. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    I haven't read any William Gibson, either. I have most usually been told to start with either his first novel Neuromancer or the collection Burning Chrome. I've been going back and forth between which one to start with as BC is also supposed to contain stories written before the novel, but I've finally decided to plunge in with Neuromancer when I do start Gibson.

    Stranger in a Strange Land is a good novel, and a cult classic for the flower power generation. Get the full 'unedited/restored' version that was put out in the 1990's.

    I think for Alastair Reynolds, I would recommend either starting with a collection of his short stories such as Galactic North (all RS-set) or Zima Blue and Other Stories (unconnected shorts). If you want to pick up a novel, then one of his stand-alone novels such as Chasm City (convoluted noir space opera set in the RS universe), or House of Suns (very far-future mystery).

    Snow Crash, yes, very fun book.
  3. Diziet Sma

    Diziet Sma Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks, @Boreas. Fancy reading Neuromancer anytime soon?
  4. kenubrion

    kenubrion Well-Known Member

    Diz, you really should read Boreas' recommendation Galactic North by Reynolds if you have any intention of reading the great Revelation Space trilogy. You will know what's going on in the trilogy from the beginning instead of wondering what it's about.
  5. Diziet Sma

    Diziet Sma Administrator Staff Member

    Well, Galactic North it is.
  6. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    Sure! Let's make it the book club selection for February!
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