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Discussion in 'Promotion' started by Jack Brewhouse, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Jack Brewhouse

    Jack Brewhouse Well-Known Member

    After a seemingly huge uphill struggle, Hawk-Eye is now only a week (or so) away.
    This is my latest novel which is pretty tough to describe but I'll give it a go anyway. It's a nostalgic look at 80s TV action shows, especially Streethawk (super-bike,) Knight-Rider (super-car,) Airwolf (super-helicopter,) The A team (super-soldiers) and all the other kind of nonsense that ruined our childhoods. It's like all of these were smashed together into a single show which has been brought up to date with a modern remake which is then released as a novel.
    It's a mystery/conspiracy thriller with some quite dark moments but also some tongue-firmly-in-cheek 80s style nonsense, a non-sequential story-line in a format that I don't think has ever been done before.
    It involves an 80s computer that remains more advanced than anything ever built since, a surveillance project to spy on the population and a new drug on the streets which the police are powerless to stop.
    It's a proper science-fiction and actually addresses some real-world issues but is primarily aimed at being intelligent entertainment.
    The story is going to be available on Amazon for the princely sum of .99p and free for Kindle Unlimited. The story will also be completely free as a PDF download on my website, forever.
    The sequel is already written and will go off for editing as soon as the first one is finished.

    I hope you like it.


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  2. Boreas

    Boreas n log(log n) Staff Member

    I did love Knight-Rider and Air Wolf as a kid. Was less into the A-Team, and I don't think I ever saw Streethawk.
  3. Jack Brewhouse

    Jack Brewhouse Well-Known Member

    To be honest it's mostly based on Streethawk but you don't need to have watched it. SH was a version of Knight-Rider but on a motorcycle instead. It was a great idea from a budget standpoint but the fact was it was too late in the day, we'd all kind of grown out of it by then. Consequently it lasted 13 episodes and got canned. Also the main actor was very likeable but just not interesting enough to carry the show. It might have found its feet later on.
    I loved the first series of Airwolf but later ones just tacked the helicopter on, it wasn't an important part of the show anymore.
    Who didn't like Knight Rider? It was just a perfect slice of 80s.
  4. TomTB

    TomTB Administrator Staff Member

    I fully expect you'll be commissioning some awesome 80s style theme tune for Hawkeye to make available for download from your website, so that everytime I think of Hawkeye it'll ring out in nostalgic joy inside my head?
  5. Jack Brewhouse

    Jack Brewhouse Well-Known Member

    This is the theme music that was kicking around inside my head when the ideas were congealing in the front of my warped frontal lobes

    This for the closing tune because the lyrics fit and it's just plain cool.

  6. Jack Brewhouse

    Jack Brewhouse Well-Known Member

    Hawk-Eye now has its own home. The whole series will be forever free on the site. There's also a Rob and Dave free April Fool story up in the library this week. http://jackbrewhouse.com/hawkeye/
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