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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve recently published my debut novel, which is set in the Wanderers universe – Gil’s World.

    The main genre is Hard Science Fiction, although it fits into many others (e.g. Space Exploration).

    It is currently available from Amazon (USA link here, UK link here), and if you do decide to read it, I hope you enjoy it!

    The official summary for Gil's World is below, although in essence, it’s about a young woman’s fight to understand her special gift, and how she reacts when faced with the unknown. It’s split into two different points of view, (1) that of Gil and (2) that of the “Wanderer” ship (controlled by the “craft-lect”, which is an artificial intelligence).

    Thank you for reading!

    James Murdo

    The official summary:

    Three hundred million years ago, the galactic community was taken by surprise. A catastrophic war with a hostile entity threatened to destroy all life, until the fight was postponed by a calamitous event known as the Great Conflation. With the majority of pre-Conflation empires in ruins and the Ascended Biologicals wiped out, the hastily-formed Wanderer Enclave tasked its fleet with unearthing answers and continuing the fight.

    One lone ship has found something, an innocuous world that it had marked for routine decontamination, that may hold vital answers.

    Gil, a young woman with special abilities, battles to save the future of her commune, and possibly much more.

    About me?
    I've pasted the below from my official bio:
    James Murdo was born and raised in London, where he still lives. He graduated from university with a Masters degree in Physics, which added fuel to his early love of science fiction. Having avidly read and followed many inspiring authors throughout the years, he decided to embark on a literary journey of his own, with his debut novel, Gil's World - the first of its kind in the (Wanderer) universe. Don’t watch this space – read about it!
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    Great news if you prefer listening to sci-fi rather than reading it:

    Gil's World (Book 1 of the Wanderers sci fi series) is now available as an audiobook!

    Please have a look at Audible or Amazon

    *Soon to be on iTunes too*
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    Gil's World is currently free. Please take a look if you’re interested.

    “A lone Wanderer craft-lect – a sentient machine intelligence – has found something on an innocuous world it had marked for routine decontamination. Something that may aid it in finally discovering answers about their formidable enemy, and with the power to stop it.”

    If you’d like to be informed about future releases or free and discount promotions, please subscribe to my mailing list.

    Happy reading,

    James Murdo
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    Hi All,

    The first 3 books of the Wanderers series (Gil's World, Searching the Void and Infinite Eyes) are now all available in one ebook boxset, here.


    James Murdo
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