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Discussion in 'Writing' started by jo zebedee, Apr 26, 2016.

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    waves. I came here via Best Fantasy books where I've been knocking around for a while (so know some of you already - hi!)

    I'm a sf author, but, as well as that I'm a pretty voracious reader, much of which is sf. So, here seemed a good place to come and chill out. Recent reads I've loved include the Martian and Luna:New Moons. More meh about Ancillary Justice and The Three Body Problem.

    Writing-wise I write both space opera and standalones. The space opera is a big, sprawling trilogy, and pretty dark, and it's with a traditional publisher. Book 2 just came out, book 3 is due around the autumn. The audiobook of one will be out just as soon as I finish proofing it. It's long. I'm getting there...

    I self published Inish Carraig, a standalone last year, set in Belfast, which has done really well critically, so that's lovely. I have another NI based story - a dark fantasy, interwoven with fairies and the feel of the Glens of Antrim - coming out mext summer with a new publisher. I also have a load of short work out there, and more appearing this year.

    What I'm currently working on. So, so much. I'm finishing a YA sf - a sort of English Roswell, but creepier - with a view to getting myself a new agent (long story, my last one and I amicably parted ways), revising a high-end YA trilogy, wanting to start a new fantasy duology and resisting calls to write the sequel to Inish Carraig. That fight might be lost considering how many I'm getting about it.

    I like sharing experiences with other writers and look to support as best I can (although I don't go for kickstarters and the like - I just get asked too often for an impoverished author to cope with).

    I'm pretty sure I can't do links yet, nor am I big into touting. Plus with my name I'm not exactly hidden....

    Looking forward to knowcking around. :)
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    I don't get to read much as I don't have a Kindle and live in a country with only a single post-office, where book shops are rare and beer is cheap. I was planning to leave but fate conspired against me and it seems I'm stuck here for the foreseeable future. I have to ask, is that really your really real name?

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    I also found this forum thru Best Fantasy. I'm mostly interested in finding speculative fiction with a literary element that I've either missed over the years or that which has been newly released. I'm a retired children's psychotherapist and debut novelist.
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    jo zebedee Well-Known Member

    @Jack Brewhouse - sorry I literally only saw this now! Yep. It's my real name (maiden anyway but I never changed it). But too good to waste....

    I get asked quite often :)
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