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Discussion in 'Other Media' started by Boreas, Jan 24, 2017.

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    Deviant Art is to SFF fans what YouTube is to video junkies. You can get lost in it for days. The massive breadth and depth of galleries, and talent of the artists, is mind-numbing.
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    33Cº over here. People are going crazy, running around in speedos and all...

    Everybody loves ice cream by daniellefw on @DeviantArt

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    Yesterday I spent the day in the hometown of Anders Zorn. I knew very little of his
    life and had just basic knowledge about his work. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting his home and museum.
    Here is a tiny sample:

    Night Effect 1885


    In Wilkströms Studio - 1889


    Dance in the Gopsmor Cottage,1914

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  4. Boreas

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    The first one is Cruella?

    Second one is very nice. A painting of a model getting ready to be painted?
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    Ha! Cruella and 101 elkes...
    The second is part of his nude study (mostly of females) period. Zorn was admired for his talent and tremendous joie de vivre: he was a real tinker!
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    Hieronymus Bosch - mediaeval world view combined with fantastic (or phantastic) exploration of a fearless mind. These latter qualities should be the requisite characteristics of writers of all genres, but especially science fiction.


    Hieronymus Bosch [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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