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    This weekend (american time) all of my books are free, to launch my new 'Jack Brewhouse' name. There is the first Rob and Dave novel, 'Serves. No useful purpose' which is the story of how the legend began. There's also two large short stories featuring the same characters. Rob and Dave is comedy set around 350 years in the future in a galaxy that might only exist in the imagination of a brick. Rob is ginger and Dave has serious mental problems that nobody has been quite able to figure out. Consequently he works on board a ship as a towel delivery-boy with a class 2 rating in unblocking toilets. Rob is a waiter and between them, they can achieve virtually nothing. While they're proving that, they become embroiled in a huge galactic conspiracy and a mysterious set of murders. In the short stories, Dave goes to an interview and the both fight over the chance to date a pretty girl who came aboard. Their lives are just that interesting.
    There is also two non-sci-fi books. The first is a character driven mystery on motorcycles 'The Human Race' in which desperate people respond to an online competition to win a share of £1million if they can solve the final puzzle. It's all very mysterious and they're pushed beyond the limits to succeed. It's told in a series of single-chapter overlapping stories that build up to an eventual climax.
    There is also 'Travelling lite' which is a horribly dull story of a ride around Europe on a motorcycle. Only recommended for the very desperate.

    Many thanks. If you like them (or hate them, I guess) please consider leaving a review.
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    This weekend I’m launching my new pen-name ‘Jack Brewhouse.’ The old one just wouldn’t work with search engines so I had to have a re-think. I’ve managed to get 4 novels up and 2 short stories so far onto my new (unfinished) website.

    All of my books are free this weekend, 4th and 5th until midnight (US time.) I’ve attached a link to my site, all you need to do is click on the book cover to be taken to Amazon for a free download.

    There’s ‘Travelling lite’ a story of my motorcycle ride around Europe. It’s not dramatic but charts the course I took from complete idiot with no idea what he was doing, to slightly less of an idiot with a vague idea of what I probably shouldn’t be doing.

    Hawk-Eye: Traffic is a nostalgic comedy/action/drama about 80s super-vehicle shows. It’s like a modern movie remake of an 80s TV series in book form (with extra toilet jokes).

    Serves. No Useful Purpose is a sci-fi comedy in the style of Douglas Adams (but with entire chapters devoted to toilet jokes.) There also 2 additional short stories featuring these characters and their fascinating lives. (‘Stressed out. At the interview’ and ‘Losing. The will to live.’ Both are free.)

    Lastly there’s ‘The Human Race.’ That’s a mystery drama about an online motorcycle challenge to win a share of a million pounds and the lengths people will go to win it.

    The link to the page is below

    If you would be so kind, it would be awesome if you could post reviews for the stories. As I said, they’re all entirely free this weekend but you don’t even have to download them to review (I think.)

    Many thanks.

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    I picked up Serves. No Useful Purpose this weekend. Will let you know how I find it when I get around to reading it.
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    Most people just threaten violence but talking to me about it would be a refreshing change. It actually made it to the 10 most popular sci-fi on Amazon this weekend. The world is a silly place.
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