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Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by Jack Brewhouse, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Jack Brewhouse

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    It seems to me that there is very little discussion regarding Douglas Adams on this and many other forums. Is there a reason for that? Personally I think he was a great writer with a genius for inventive writing and creative twisting of the English language.
    Is the lack of interest due to the fact that he wrote comedy? I myself am dabbling with sci-fi humour and wonder if this means I'll be regarded as a lower life-form in some way.
    I was lucky enough to choose my own topics last year in English Summer School and chose to teach HHGTTG. On the surface, it's an amusing book but it's rich with metaphors and hidden meanings about the global economy and corrupt political system we live under. It was a great topic and I'd like to think my students got something interesting out of it (but most of them were pretty much vegetables so I doubt it).
    Still, is there any paticular reason for the lack of interest in Mr Adams?

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    I don't know why Douglas Adams isn't discussed more, either. From all indications, he rates highly by just about every science fiction aficionado I know. First time I read HHGTTG as a teenager was a revelation. I didn't think a science fiction parody could be that good. Also loved his Dirk Gently. I know some members here are fans and another has just recently read some Adams, so his spirit is alive and well!
  3. Jack Brewhouse

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    That's good to hear. I actually think that Dirk Gently was probably a more polished work although the first was better than the second, I thought. HHGTTG was just brilliant, better than I thought, and re-reading it with a very critical eye made it far more interesting. I think the first and second were just as good as each other and they should have been since there really were one book but as legend has it, he was so drunk, so often that he kept missing the deadline so they just went with what they had. The third wasn't quite as good and the forth was just weirdly different from the rest. He obviously realised it was something of a mistake since he erased it at the beginning of the fifth, which was the best in the series, I reckon.
    I was mortified when he died. It was an ambition of mine to meet him, he was one of the greatest influences in getting me writing.

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