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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TomTB, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Oh come on, just because I don't do research in the field...I think the notion is absurd and is bellybutton lint-gathering by astrophysicists like Sheldon Cooper instead of working. "See? See? My math proves it! Now on to even bigger things!"

    Go ahead and give it your best shot, Tiran. Convince me.
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    It really has nothing to do with convincing you. Scientific theories arise as the result of data, and they are supposed to live and die based on the accuracy of their underlying mathematics.

    You're taking a mathematical model of something that the human mind can barely comprehend and then dismissing it by applying a non-rational faith judgement to it. And just like how your computer keeps running regardless of your belief in electrons, the universe doesn't really care what our super-monkey instincts are about quantum mechanics. The super-monkeys don't have instincts for quantum mechanics - we rely on non-instinctual mathematic modeling to confirm or refute science that is beyond our ability to directly experience it.

    If you aren't learned in the field of quantum mechanics, your opinions of its validity are like the opinions a blind man has about colors. And those sort of baseless beliefs are very common - but really ironic for a fan of science to have and apply to science.

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