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    Chaos Quarter - available from amazon

    For over five hundred years, humanity has sprawled across the galaxy, forming fractious empires and deadly regions of lawless space. In the midst of brewing tensions, disgraced pilot Rex Vahl is tapped for a suicide mission: infiltrate an interplanetary power known only as the “Hegemony” and discover what hides behind their veil of secrecy.

    What does Rex have on his side? His co-pilot is a former prostitute with tiger-striped skin. His gunner is a traitorous ex-nobleman wanted by his countrymen. His engineer is a laid-back cyborg exiled for asking one too many questions about God. Add in a woman genetically engineered to have no free will, and you get his motley crew. Armed with only a souped-up freighter, Rex blasts off to pursue rumors of a mysterious Hegemony ambassador on the planet of Cordelia. To get there, he and his crew must cross the Chaos Quarter, a tumultuous territory defined by tyrants, pirates, and religious extremists. Even if they survive the journey, the ambassador could prove deadlier than any enemy they face along the way.

    But when Rex discovers that the Empire of Europa—the Commonwealth’s greatest foe—has agents skulking in the shadows, he realizes his mission is no longer a secret. And if he secures his prize now, the intergalactic fallout could unleash the most deadly war the galaxy has ever seen.

    And the sequel:

    Chaos Quarter: Imperial Ambitions

    To Terran Commonwealth pilot Rex Vahl the mission seemed simple: Find out why the tyrannical Europan Empire was interested in the backwater world of Anglesey. But in the lawless space of the Chaos Quarter, things never really go smoothly. When Rex discovers a colony of people that are not supposed to exist, he and his crew suddenly find themselves trapped between desperate people who deserve freedom, and an autocratic superpower hell-bent on destroying it. Making things worse is the fact that his gunner, a former Europan himself, is on the colony’s hit list. And a bounty huntress with mind-altering synthetic pheromones may also be after them, for her own twisted reasons. Yep, it’s just that kind of day…Faced with such insurmountable odds, Rex and his crew face a daunting choice: Either find some way to resist the juggernaut headed their way, or end up the latest victims of a dark nation’s imperial ambitions…
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    Announcing the third book in the series, now available for pre-order from Amazon:


    Twice before Rex Vahl has been sent out into the lawless Chaos Quarter, and barely managed to get back alive. Now the Free Terran Commonwealth calls on him to do the impossible once again. A princess of the Māori Republic needs to get home. There she is to take part in an arranged marriage that will hopeful end a vicious civil war that has plagued her nation for nearly a decade. She’s not thrilled with the situation, but feels it’s her duty to end the slaughter. The only way to get her there: Through the violent backwater of the Chaos Quarter.

    But Rex’s previous trips may not be enough to prepare him for this new mission. When an assassin tries to kill the princess in the heart of the Commonwealth itself, it becomes clear that a powerful player wants to make sure the princess never reaches Māori space. Worst still, the attack may have something to do with a mysterious power that roams the Chaos Quarter, pillaging worlds at will. To survive Rex and his crew will have to learn to take on a new type of enemy, one that isn’t concerned with politics or power. This is an enemy that has no need of diplomacy or mercy, no need for the games that nations play. This is an enemy that lives solely for the exquisite joy of the kill…
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    Now available for download on Amazon!

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    Pulse-pounding , space opera adventures! The CHAOS QUARTER series, all books available on Amazon.
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    A crew of cast-offs take on the worst the universe has to offer in these rollicking, scifi adventures. CHAOS QUARTER, available on Amazon

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