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Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by Derk of Derkholm, Mar 2, 2016.

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    Hello fellow SciFi-fans,

    as BestScienceFictionBooks has now a number of new lists, that might possibly be further improved and updated in the near or far future, I considered it a good idea to post a thread where we can discuss whether there are any noteworthy omissions that might be deserve to be added to the list, or whether some of the books on the list might possibly might be featured too prominently.

    I do not know whether Paul, the SF critic who drafted the lists, also frequents this forum, but I would certainly invite him cordially to listen to our feedback and discuss with us :)

    So, here's my 2 cents (more to come)

    - Cordwainer Smith's "Norstrilia" is one of the books I would submit for inclusion into the list.

    - Even though "The Man in the High Castle" won the Hugo and is now a major TV series, I would consider that PK Dick might be even better represented by "Do Androids dream of Electronic Sheep"

    - "The Foundation" I personally found awesome when I read it as a 12-year-old, and quite lacking when I re-read it maybe 30 years later and after having read more SF. Yes, I understand, it is one of the first epic series, and Isaac Asimov is one of the founding fathers of the genre, still, for me it is featured too prominently on the list

    - Ancillary Justice was an interesting book IMO, but the promise of the first book was not kept up by the sequels (I can not even remember what happened in the second and third, they were not that noteworthy to me). I understand that this and "The Martian" were included as "contemporary" books in a list of books written mostly before 1975, but I would venture that there are better examples.

    Best regards,

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