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Discussion in 'Writing' started by JustSaint, Nov 3, 2015.

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    Good day! I have started this topic in order to find beta readers for a translation of a new book in the LITRPG genre (Action, Adventure, Survival) by Russian author Andrei Vasilyev(АндрейВасильев) - Under the Sun (ARK project).

    Considering the available information, and comments from readers on Amazon to other Russian LITRPG authors , we have decided to appeal to you,to make your reading more comfortable.

    Wanted - native English speakers. All you need is - to read and give your comments and suggestions. Direct dialogue with the translator will help us bypass all slippery and not clear moments (grammatical, semantic mistakes) and present this book to foreign readers such as she deserves.

    Fo your help - you will receive the full version of the book after release on Amazon. In case of successful and long-term co-operation you will receive all subsequent books;)

    I am a certified translator from English into Russian, but not vice versa (that’s why I need your help =) ). This thread is blessed by the author of the book. (he is very popular in our country by the way).

    If you want to participate use my e-mail – [email protected] or facebook - for communication.
  2. JustSaint

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    this is not a promo thread, we really want to improve our translation =) thx

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