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    I've started work on a series of novels called the Babylon Tower Series. It's set forty-three thousand years in the future. Due to an ancient cataclysm, which is only vaguely understood, humanity has evolved into five separate species. The global population is concentrated in great cities that rise upwards of nine miles into the sky with populations numbering in the billions. The dominant species is a descendant of humanity that evolved in a radically different direction in the 30,000 years their ancestors lived underground. This species, which calls itself "Romans" due to a misunderstanding of historical texts, oppresses the world's humans and the three other species which are known as the Gan, Gam, and Gel. However, a global rebellion against Roman rule has been slowly gaining speed over the last century and it breaks out into a full-scale revolt at the start of the first novel in the series. The novels trace the life-stories of several dozen key figures as the rebellion progresses. The first novel, Babylon Tower Part One: The Prophet & The Assassin is available for download on Amazon Kindle. It is 158 pages. I've provided the Amazon link at bottom for anyone interested in downloading it. There's more detailed information about the book in the summary on Amazon. Please let me know if you have any questions about the series. Thanks.
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    I'm posting the Amazon summary in order to give you a better idea as to the focus of the novel and some of the characters that it centers around.

    In a strange and mysterious distant future, great cities with populations numbering in the billions rise miles into the sky. The global population of over 200 billion is divided among five different intelligent species. The dominant species is a small, pale race of fiercely intelligent and violent creatures who believe themselves to be the mixed descendants of the ancient Romans and a subterranean species known as the Vlach. Through superior intelligence and brutal force, the "Romans" have created an empire that has dominated the globe for thousands of years. However, in the last century, a growing human renaissance has seen parts of the earth reclaiming their ancient independence. At the bottom of the societal pyramid are the three mutant races, species that came into being in the aftermath of an ancient apocalypse that is only vaguely understood.

    The book beings in the year 8254 J.C. (Julius Caesar) as the human rebellion against Roman rule breaks into open warfare across the globe. The book follows the lives of a dozen key players in the conflict. An amoral human assassin by the name of Jax Veeman is offered life-changing money to assassinate a charismatic religious figure known as "The Prophet." "The Prophet" is only one of the leaders of the human rebellion against Roman rule but his followers believe him to be the 7th and final prophet of JOVE (God) who will usher in the end of ages. Meanwhile, Caesonius Katxego, the fiery Speaker of the Roman Senate seeks to crush the humans by whatever means necessary. This fiercely religious Roman takes no prisoners and seeks to crush anyone who stands in opposition to his plans to fully restore the Roman Empire. Jarko Jaboni is the most powerful and successful mutant on the planet. A member of the Gan sub-species, he is the world's most popular talk show host, averaging over 9 billion viewers a night. As the rebellion erupts, Jarko is forced into hiding. The heart of this self-centered billionaire re-emerges when he finds out that "The Prophet" has captured his teenage son Rahl, who is rumored to have other-worldly psychic abilities that could change the nature of the entire conflict. Zayar Var Doon, the world's wealthiest human, transforms from a businessman to a rebel leader to a powerful emperor. His goal is to exterminate the Romans, whom he hates with a religious ferocity, and to build a global human empire to replace the Roman Empire.

    However, everything is not what it seems. As Jarko comes to realize, the hallucinatory drug known as dreamspice just might be the key to communicating with external forces who are manipulating the destiny of the planet. The fate of the planet and the secrets of its mysterious past will leave the reader on edge and wondering as to what is really happening. Enjoy!

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