Any other Sci-fi authors here?

Discussion in 'Writing' started by Sarah Katz, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Sarah Katz

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    Who else here is a sci-fi author? Where can we find your books/stories, and what are your favorite themes to write about? :)
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  3. Hermann Morr

    Hermann Morr Full Member

    I'm a self-published author, currently working on christian science fiction, but might change in the future.
    Problem is: my work is in Italian language, i'm not a native english speaker.
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  4. Diziet Sma

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    Benvenuto @Hermann Morr!

    This site is very international, and for some of us, English is not our mother tongue.
    If you contribute to this forum, I'm sure you will spark curiosity amongst some of our many visitors regarding your work. It has happened with other authors-members, and although not everyone will be able to read your work in Italian some might. You just never know...;)
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  5. GwynHuddle

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    There are a lot of such writers that can be found at the professional resources like the websites for educational and other types of work. For instance, a lot of people from are not only great professionals in the area of not fictional literature. They have a lot of hobbies, such as writing of the poetry, belles-lettres and so on. I was surprised greatly with such detail.
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  6. KarenRollins

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    That's rather a great idea. Will try for sure, thanks!
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