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Discussion in 'Other Media' started by Boreas, Jun 13, 2015.

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    What are your favourite mecha stories in both anime and manga?

    I love Macross SDF-1 (or Robotech, as the slightly different English adaptation). It was the anime that really made me love the concept of mecha. But I think the first real mecha show I watched was part of the Gundum franchise: Gundum X, which wasn't that great, even if it did keep my interest through all episodes. Then I ended up watching quite a few different Gundum shows before I eventually got bored of them.

    The fantasy Vision of Escaflowne had some excellent mecha in it and the story was pretty epic. Then of course, there is the infamous Neon Genesis Evangelion, so, so good until the end when it devolved into an utter mess.

    But I think the best mecha anime I have ever seen is Gasaraki. It was the most realistic designs for mecha that I come across during my anime phase. Instead of taking place in an overtly fantasy or science fictional setting, it takes place in the modern world where a Japanese corporation has developed some state-of-the-art tactical armour (mecha) for military applications. The designs are excellent. It also dove into some metaphysical territory and even piqued my interest in the theatre art form of Noh.

    Most recently (say, the last 3-4 years when my manga reading started up again), I've been haphazardly following a mecha story in manga form called Break Blade. I started reading it online around 2012, but the scanlations were coming out very slowly. It's a very good fantasy story and follows a similar plot as the seriously, awesomely excellent manwha Ares. Set in a secondary world with different kingdoms and featuring some 'magical' elements, one particular such kingdom has aggressive expansionist tendencies and embroils all its neighbours into war. Unlike Ares, though, Break Blade features mecha.

    When given the choice, I much prefer reading manga over watching anime, so if anyone can recommend a particularly good mecha manga, then that would be great. But I'm still interested in what anime you would consider worthwhile/interesting for things mecha.
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    As I've been browsing manga the last two days, I've come across a science fiction title that seems very interesting and also features mecha: Tsutomo Nihei's Sidonia no Kishi (or Knights of Sidonia). This is the same guy who did the very surreal, cyberpunk-ish Blame! which I read many years ago and really liked. KoS seems like a longer work at 15 volumes. Has anybody read these?
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